INTRODUCING: A 30 Day Challenge to Kick start your fat burn journey
Cathryn Marshall Presents:
30 Day Fat Burn Challenge
Burn Fat Fast and Make It Last with the Simple Fat Burn System
Take the Simple Fat Burn Challenge and step up your game on November 8th. It's time to eat better, exercise (start if you're not, or step it up!) and get motivated! Looking for motivation? We've got it.
30 Days of inspiration, education and motivational videos that will help you burn fat fast and make it last. You'll have the first three days to get organized, get your food together, get your workouts scheduled and get your mind in the right place for extreme success.
Some of you just want to learn and do better, some of you are ready to take the right steps, and many of you are ready for massive change.
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What You Get
  • Access to Private Community: Stay motivated with access to our exclusive Facebook group
  • Video Trainings: explanations of the biology and chemistry of fat burning
  • Intermittent Fasting: Great for burning fat fast
  • Motivation: Where it comes from
  • Meal Plans: Real plans that burned fat for clients
Starts on November 8th
Join now for only $399 $97
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"... I am amazed!"
Here’s a little visual update to show just how well SFB works! I’ve been doing the SFB program since January 2018. In July 2017, I had headshot photos taken at work and 2 years later, I asked for an update. Last month, we went to the same location and I wore the same dress (which I loved and had altered by a seamstress). I am amazed at the difference and so happy I found a plan that works for me!
Laura Manger
"...down 14 inches!"
Hi friends. I don’t post often. But something happened this week I wanted to share. I have ups and downs in my weight. The picture on my wedding day was 2016 I was over 200lbs sad, mad and frustrated. I could not lose the weight! I told no one how big I was. I wore a size 20 dress. The picture on the right is from June. I just ran my second Spartan race. It’s been a long journey but I’m down 14 inches on my waist. And I’m now under 180lbs. I can even get into a size 8 on good days =}. I’m committed to a healthy long life. Love each of you! Thank you Cathryn for always cheering me on.
Bernadette Pannier
"...saved my life!"
"Simple Fat Burn saved my life! Not only have I lost weight, but I am so much more knowledgeable thanks to Cathryn's guidance. Cathryn will help you reach your goals by providing constant support, motivation, and, when necessary, tough love. I recommend Cathryn to anyone who has ever struggled with eating right. She makes it so simple to understand and will help you through it 100% of the way. Thanks to Cathryn, I am more confident and excited about what is to come than I have been in a very long time. Its' not easy, but it is simple."
Carly Grennor
I'm Cathryn Marshall and as a personal trainer for over 20 years, I've hosted many fitness challenges with outstanding results. Some of my clients have lost as much as 20lbs in 30 days

Many have gone on to lose 30lbs,.. 40lbs, 50lbs... and much more!

The Simple Fat Burn system is not easy, but it is simple.

NO, I don't sell supplements. If you take supplements you love, keep taking them. I simply show you how to balance your blood sugar to burn fat (often we've reversed type 2 diabetes in 3-6 months) and reduce inflammation.

Vegan? Vegetarian? Yes I work with all dietary preferences and restrictions.

You regularly consume meat, fish and/or eggs? No judgment, just education on getting the best quality foods you can source given your circumstances and preferences. 
"... I lost 88lbs and dropped body fat!"
"Cathryn may be the most positive person I’ve ever met. She would greet me at every workout with a smile and a ‘what are we working today?’ When I would get frustrated she was quick to give me encouragement and the assurance that we were on the right track. She was right. By the time we were done, I had lost 88lbs and dropped my body fat to 18%. Now I’m off on my own but with the knowledge that I gained from Cathryn I’m able to adjust my diet myself as I need to. Thanks Cathryn!!”
Tracey McFarland
"...I reached my goal weight!"
“I met with Cathryn Marshall on Friday, May 22, 2015 and was introduced to her simple fat burn process at my almost highest weight ever, 176 pounds. With Cathryn’s fitness expertise, positive sternness (yes, there is such a thing) and encouragement, five months later, October 10th, I reached my goal weight of 140. I cannot more highly recommend expert fitness trainer and dear friend, Cathyrn Marshall and her Simple Fat Burn process–but only if you are ready to change your body and your life for good. THANK YOU, Cathryn! I ADORE YOU.”
June Cline
"...I had 30 pounds off in 90 days!"
"I started training/maintaining a food log with Cathryn Marshall in June and had 30 pounds off in ~90 days. I was SUPER strict with my eating and only worked out twice a week. While I never believed the nutrition mattered, now I am convinced. You can never out-exercise your diet.
Much love to you all and please reach out if you have any questions. I am happy to talk to you about my journey."
Leah Yzerman Kruszka
10 years ago I was working in the gym as a personal trainer and the members kept asking me to help out a guy named Tom. He did this crazy workout that made no sense. He was so friendly and showed up every day to workout. He was even tracking all his meals. He had a big belly that looked like he was 8 months pregnant. He was stuck with his weight loss attempt and did not know why the scale wouldn't move.
Tom and I had two conversations and he dropped 40lbs. He was not my client. Tom never paid me a dime and I never asked him to. He was an engineer and got what I was saying about the biology and chemistry behind the meals.
Tom lost the 40 pounds of fat and kept if off.
I've never heard anyone teach the biology and chemistry of weight loss the way I do.
I learned this by being a fitness competitor. I sat down at my desk one day and wrote out all the meals that burned fat and then I wrote out the numbers that worked. The numbers never lie.
I've studied every "diet" out there and the secret is it's not a diet. It's balancing blood sugar (most of the time) for success.
You can eat whatever you want, but you have to understand what works and why it works in order to be successful.
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